Saturday, February 20, 2010

Texas Day 1

Hello all you pretty people. I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend. I am safely on the ranch, and already starting to learn things. Allow me to start by saying I had the world's best flight people on both my flight from Kingston to Toronto and subsequently from Toronto to Dallas. Even the customs agent was really nice.

The flight went a lot faster than i was expecting. I used DVD Audio Extractor and I put the 7th season of Friends on Victor. I forgot my mountain machine, by the way, but I will do the best I can for recording with Victor.

Met Annie at the airport and we drove home, with a few stops on the way. First we stopped to eat at this cajun place where i had chicken friend steak. No friggin' wonder Texas has the highest rate of heart problems. But it was so good.

We then proceeded to a place where a man makes boots. This guy has made boots for so many people, including Christopher Reeves, Bill Clinton and Billy Bob Thorton. He was really nice. Apparently that whole southern hospitality thing is true around here. I looked at several types of leather, everything from buffalo skin to sting ray. It was really neat, and the guy's wife gave me a few samples of different skins.

We finally got home around 4 local time. We're an hour behind here. The ranch is huge! Seriously I'm going to get so lost in here.

And there are three dogs. Rosamae started the journey by running to the front door and marking her damn territory again. Mouse, if you're listening, I'm not impressed with you. Way to make me look like a total idiot. And SHE HAD JUST PEED!

After having dealt with that and getting some hot chocolate into me, it was time to feed the horses. Annie showed me around the barn while we locked the dogs in the backyard to have a good romp. I learned how to feed the horses, and I met the beautiful boy who I will be riding this week. His name is orlando and he is gorgeous. I learned that I am to be the leader, and the horse will learn to respect me. It is important to have as much physical contact as possible with your horse. So, essentially, I want to have at least one hand one elbow and if possible my hip against Orlando, just so I can always feel what he is going to do before he does it. Annie, feel free to correct me if I'm explaining this wrong.

We were going to attend a birthday party for a friend of Annie's, but when we arrived and found out just how loud the music actually was, we decided to give our good wishes and head home for omlets.

Tomorrow I have to be up and in the barn feeding the horses by seven. I will get to ride tomorrow when Annie gets back from her class. I am also having a lesson with the ferrier. Its certainly going to be an interesting week.

I'm using Satogo. Here are a few things I've noticed with this crazy program. Firstly, it does not much like Facebook mobile. Not sure if that's a Satogo thing or an Annie's computer thing. Either way, I can read the emails from it, and I find posting to blogger much easier anyway. It will cross post to my facebook page. Also, because Annie uses an English UK keyboard, somehow Satogo is aware of this and as a result, I get to deal with Hal. I'm not entirely sure I like this voice yet, but it works for what I need it to do.

Early morning tomorrow. I'm exhausted. Hope everybody's staying out of trouble... or maybe in trouble depending on how you roll. Talk to y'all tomorrow.



Blogger Carin said...

Wooohooo! You made it! Sounds like crazy fun. Gees Mouse, ya gotta stop doing that.

8:33 AM  

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