Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just some more random musings

Boy what an exciting post title that was. I just keep thinking of things. Warning, I might piss off some Christians.

So, tonight was choir night. Remember when I talked about michaela and her partner?Well her partner died on Sunday. I hope she isn't suffering anymore. But this got me thinking. We were singing an old gospil song called "Jesus on the main line". Usually I love this song and I get right into it, singing the melody and bouncing around. But today it made me really angry. There's a line that says "If you're sick and you wanna get well, tell him what you want." Except, I'm sure people prayed for Kay to get better, and you know what? She died. I guess you could say, in theory, that she's in Heaven now, and therefore she's better. But then let's take into account the fundamentalist Christians, who believe lesbians and gays should burn in hell. Clearly, it doesn't sound like this Jesus fellow will really give people what they want, and be fair to everyone. She was in love with another woman. She didn't kill someone, she was not a fucking criminal, and yet these fundamentalists claim that homosexuality is punishable by death? And then they turn around and say "If you're sick and ya wnana get well..." You get where this is going. It just really pissed me off. It likely shouldn't have pissed me off as much as it did, but it's been one of those bizzarre days.

And now for something completely different. I went for a really really loong walk with my beautiful puppy today. It was great. The only time we screwed up was when she impaled my head on a pine tree. God what is it with me and pine trees the last few days? Anyways, I was just realizing that people aren't the only species with more than one face. Dogs and cats have it too. I really noticed it with Rosamae today, how many sides of her personality there really are. There's serious, hard working Rosamae. She will go to great lengths to make sure I'm safe. She loves her work, and she does an awesome job, when she's paying attention. Then there's sucky lovey Rosamae, you know that phase, the one where she's on her back, legs splayed out in all directions, just begging to have her belly rubbed. She loves to give puppy kisses and cuddles all the time. Her tail is constantly wiggling. And she especially seems to love men. Then there's playful, curious Rosamae. You could break those down into their own little categories too I suppose. When she's playful, like if we're playing with her toys, she's very excited, but she is very vocal, and wlil let you know what she thinks. She can be a bit aggressive. She really shows how strong and powerful she is swhen we're playing. And curious Rosame feels the need to sniff everything in the god damn universe. There is a reason she's known as Rosamae MacSniffy Nose sometimes. And then, of course, there's the protective, ever watchful and loyal Rosamae. I'll never forget the first time I brought Jay over, and things were happening, and she just about killed him. She really thought he was attacking me or something, and she will not have that. She's such an amazing doggie. I love stroking her soft, perty ears. She's all curled up in her puppy bed. She's adorable.

Well I think I'm heading for bed myself. Up for another run early tomorrow morning. Yippee who, good day.


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