Saturday, April 19, 2008


Isn't it a magnificent day outside? And yet, this weekend seems to be the weekend from hell. Let me explain.

I woke up to the sound of all the frogs chirping behind our house. I love that sound. It reminds me that it's spring time, and that it's getting warmer. It's a beautiful sound, although some might consider it strange. It sort of sounds like crickets, but a lot louder, and there are tons and tons of them. I've never been in the swamp or wherever they live behind the house, but there must be thousands of them. They're so loud. I love hearing them, especially at night when I'm falling asleep. That will be one thing that I'll really miss when I move out.

And yet i went to bed sad. A friend of mine is in her last few months with us. I found out yesterday that she has tongue and throat cancer. They removed quite a bit of her tongue, so she can't talk. She's being fed through a tube. She writes on awhite board in order to communicate. I hope to be going to visit her in the next few weeks so I can at least say good-bye.

This morning, I spent about an hour over at a nearby park. I listened to music while I sat on the swings, imagining I was flying, feeling the breeze move past me and the sun on my face. As I was walking home, I heard a father teaching his child what a morning dove was. The child couldn't quite say the word, but they were trying.

And this morning I was given more shitty news. Two really close friends of mine are ending an almost four year relationship. I knew they were having problems in the summer, but I saw them just last week, and I was pretty sure they were getting better. Apparently I was wrong.

If you had talked to me yesterday, the news of my friend's cancer, combined with some other shit that happened really had me down. I went and played music with some people at Xanadu, and that made it slightly better. And yet, as much as all of these things suck, I'm not letting them get me down today. It's too gorgeous a day. Everyone is outside doing things. I'm spending time with some new found friends this evening. The original plan was to go out, but I think we're just going to stay in and watch movies, which is fine by me. So I thought juxtapossition would be a good title for this post, because it basically means two things that are happening symultaneously, but they are opposing emotions. So enjoy the sunshine out there. It's pretty amazing.


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