Monday, January 14, 2008

I Can't Believe it

So I heard sometthing last week that really shocked me. Three months ago, there was a baby born in Kingston to the daughter of someone who works at the kingston General Hopital. The new baby was born without eyes, just like I was. My condition is called bilateral anophthalmia, which is a bi ugly looking word that means born without eyes. One in every 100 thousand people are born with this certain eye condition. You can read an article about it if you care here This just seems really interesting to me because it's so rare, and no one really knows why the gens in the eyes get mutated like that. When I was born in London, there were 7 other babies born with the same condition. We all lived in a relatively similar area and there were orchards around. I guess there was smoe speculation that the condition may have had something to do with the herbicides used in these orchards, but no one is sure.

So I'm going to see this baby I believe on Friday. It should be interesting. I wonder if she has any other issues than blindness. I was told that she just came out of the hospital this past week, which is slightly worrisome. We don't know if she has been there since she was born or if she had to go back in or what. But I want to know! I'll pudate when I know more.


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