Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sundays aren't all bad

Well, my day got a lot better after I wrote this morning's post. I put in a job application for Startek, so crossing my fingers that that will have good results. I went for a big huge long walk with my Dad. We drove around and listened to old music, and then went for a super long walk. It was fun, but uber cold by the lake. At any rate, came home and talked to Tom, who I haven't talked to in forever. Then watched the Santa Clause parade with Meg. God, those commentators are cheesey! Then our family watched Blades of Glory, whidch I've got to say is one of my favourite movies, just because I think Will Farrel is a genius. We had roast pork for dinner, and Betsy is a great cook.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but it was just a really nice Sunday. Soon I'm a take out miss Mae, who, by the way, is brilliant, and have a bath and get all tucked into bed. I feel peaceful today. Everything is really calm and relaxed.


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