Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Geek out time in a freak out time

My step mom went on a trip last week to some conference. She owns an SUV, but since she was driving to this conference with other co-workers, she decided to leave her SUV here. I think Dad got tired of his car or something because he drove that SUV everywhere. And then, on Friday, it happened. Dad bought a new truck. It's some sort of Handa dealie. It has standard features, but there is one feature that it has, and I think it's whacky/cool. You can press a button, and it's like you're talking to the computer on board the USS Enterprise. You tell it stuff, or ask it stuff, and it does stuff for you. It's all voice activated. Like, for example, you could say "Temperature" and this computerized vfoice would come back and say "The current temperature is 20 degrees." Ahaha cool!! My favourite is "Play CD track 11" and it plays CD track 11. And Steve, CD track 11 last night happened to be Rockstar, and I thought of you. Just a little side note there. But it's super cool. And if you were a geek like me, I'd start maybe having little dialogues with it, and wow! The future is approaching faster than I realize. How many people do you know with talking cars? And if you keep the GPS thingy on, I'll learn the driving dire ctions to everywhere, because it says them out loud!! Woo interactive driving!

Today I'mk going to go to St. Lawrence College and talk to some of my Dad's people to see what kinds of options there might be for me there, and we're now waiting to see if Queen's will accept me. Cross your fingers for me. I miss school, I really do. I never ever thought I'd say that, but I'm bored, and seeing all my friends who have their MSN handles talking about midterms and studying and all that stuff, I wish I was there. I miss all my friends in Ottawa! I don't miss the city, mind you, but I miss everyone in Ottawa! I'm really thankful for the friends I have her, especially Sarah and Robin. Those two have savewd my ass so many times. Anyway, I'm off.


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