Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rosamae's Brain

Burrrrrr! What is going on here? You know, back home, it was never cold like this. There was never that horrid stuff on the roads that makes my feet sting, and what is this fantastic white, cold, fluffy stuff? It's weird. Sometimes it tastes like water, sometimes it tastes like... other doggies? Where are they? Why can't I play with them? Sometimes in the mornings, I'll see one that's all white across the street and I'll try to talk to her when I'm going out to pee, but Mommy tells me to be quiet. I can't begin to count the times I'd love to tell her to shut her yap. She never stops talking.

She got me a new giant bone yesterday, and I was so excited that I ran around the house at warp speed and told her how much I loved it and we played together for a good half hour with it before I keeled over on my nice comfy bed. Mmm... tastes like chicken!

I love going for long long walks with Mommy. It's a lot colder now than I'm used to, but we still have fun going to the store, or the high school down the street, or wherever she wants to go. Yesterday, she took me into, what did she call it? A mall. Yes that's it! A mall! There were a ton of stores. She's taken me into those before. My favourite mall was that one with all the shoe stores in Mommy's old home. I showed her all the shoe stores, and one of those places where humans get their teeth cleaned. It smelled weird in there. I've never seen Mommy go into one of those places.

I wonder how my friend Trixie's doing... We went in a big moving vehicle for a long time a while ago to this place, and there was a puppy there who looked just like me, only smaller. She and I were best friends. We would walk with the humans and we just had such a great time. I miss that place, and those people and Trixie. And she thought she could beat me. Hahaha. Funny little Trixie. I wonder why her human was so much smaller than my Mommy. But I liked her human. She gave me lots of loving and pets and rubbed my tummy a lot. And there was a fat man who lived with them and he was pretty cool too.

You know who else rubs my tummy a lot? Mommy's brother. He's that tall guy who smells nice. His pants taste yummy. I like to lick his pants. He's my best friend in the world. He always wants to play with me, and I always stay on my back.

Sometimes, when we go to Mommy's other house, I have a kitten friend. It too thinks it can attack me. It's weird. We'll be laying together all nice and happy and then bam! It's chasing me, and it has this weird bell that makes a funny noise, and where are its claws? I see back claws, but there are no claws on his hands. I think they call him Buckwheat. And sometimes Mommy's Mommy will take this thing and squirt Buckwheat and he gets all wet and runs away. I like to bite the water. It's fun.

I miss the beach. Back when it was warm, Mommy and her family took me to this beach full of rocks and water where we would run and play. I hope this cold weather goes away soon. Seriously, a California girl can only take so much. This is getting ridiculous, and everyone keeps saying its gonna be cold for a long long time.

I'm cold. It's freezing in Mommy's room. Why must she keep that window opened? I'm going back to bed. And Trixie, if you're reading this, when next we meet, we'll get those girls good. Oh it will be fun.


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