Monday, April 14, 2008

Rosamae has things to say

First thing’s first. What is that creature growling outside my house? That’s my house, and that creature is growling. I’m trying to tell the family, but they are shushing me. What did Daddy call that? A motorcycle? I don’t think I’d like to get in a fight with a motorcycle. It sounds like it would have very large, pointy, scary teeth that would rip me to shreds. Why won’t it stop growling at me? This is my house Mr. Motorcycle. It looks like instead of having paws, it has these two round things on the bottom. One is on the front, and one is on the back. What are those for? The motorcycle is just sitting there, in the road, growling. I want to bark bark bark and tell him to go away, but Mom is telling me to shhhh.

Speaking of Mom, she’s always taking me weird places, but we don’t do a whole lot. Back when it was still freezing cold outside, Mom took me into this building. They had her laying in a bed, and Daddy took me outside and Betsy was there, and she took me home. What was the point of my even going? And then I didn’t see Mom for two nights. I like Megan and all, but I don’t know why Mom left. And then she just came back, but she was sleeping a lot. That was weird.

And then we went on one of those train things that Mom used to go on when we lived in Ottawa. But this time we were going the opposite way. And Mom’s mom was there. She always gives me peanut butter bones when Mom’s not paying attention. She always tries to pet me in harness too. I love all her attention, but Mom yells at her to stop. No Mom’s Mom. Keep petting me. I like the attention. Anyway, we all went on this train thing, and then we went in a car with a tiny tiny tiny dog. I don’t see how that thing could have been a dog. It was tiny like Buckwheat. But it said bark bark bark like a dog. What did theyt call it? Mungie? That’s it. Sometimes they called it Bella. We romped around and played. Mungie liked to stick her head in my mouth, or get on my back, or lick my belly. She was a nice doggie.

And then we went to my house… I mean… Trixie’s house. Mom took me to pee before we went in, and then, when she let me off leash inside, I walked right over to my… I mean Trixie’s… balcony door, and peed on the floor. See Trixie? My house! I didn’t understand why Carin used to be so nice and then she was upset, and Mom was really angry and she tied me to the bed while Trixie got to play and have fun. They cleaned up my smell, so when Mom brought me back out, I couldn’t smell me anymore. That was so unfair. Trixie got to run all over and Mom kept me tied to her at all times. All I did was tell Trixie it was my house. What’s so bad about that? Ah well Trixie, I guess you win this round. And then, a while after Mom got back home, she called that man they call Chuck, and he said she has to keep me on leash at all times when I’m in someone else’s house. That’s not so bad. I know where Mom is all the time if I’m stuck to her. And Carin stopped being mad at me after awhile, and she and Steve petted me and rubbed my belly and I made lots of noise, because it felt oh so wonderful.

It seems like we never stop going places. First we left California together, and then we went to Ottawa. A few days later, we went “home” as Mom called it, and that was where I met Daddy and Cam. Oh and the rest of the family too. And then we would go back to Ottawa, but we’d come “home” from time to time. We used to visit people in Ottawa a lot, and then we’d go to Mom’s school every day, and then… one day in the fall, we moved “home”. We’ve been a lot of places.

And has everyone noticed? It’s warm outside!!! I can run in the backyard and find all the toys I buried outside! Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t the grass fantastic? No more of that snow garbage. And would ya look at that. Motorcycle stopped growling. I think he’s gone. Finally I can get some sleep!


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