Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What is this Crap we're seeing?

Seriously, are people so desperately bored that they have to watch bull shit like the shit I just saw on TV today? Let's start with a story. This is how our dinner conversation went down a few nights ago.

Anonymous family member: *in whiniest voice possible* I can't believe how stupid this stupid writer's strike has gone on for! When will it ever be over?
Dad: Why? How does this writer's strike affect your life anonymous family member?
Anonymous family member: I have nothing to watch when I do my stretches!
Me: You told me you don't watch TV when you do your stretches anymore.
Anonymous Family Member: Well... I never have anything to watch. It's so boring!

Wow, is it just me? Or was that incredibly painful? So here's what I'm getting to. There is this new really disgusting show about the world's best lie detector test. And do you think they use this lie detector test for criminals to catch them, or you know, do something that's worthwhile? Of course you don't think that! You know what they do? THey make a fucking game show, and if you get x number of questions right, in other words answer them truthfully, you get all this money. But of course, here's the catch. Your partner is on with you, and they ask you really tough questions, so you end up owning up to your partner on television in front of the thousands of viewers who are so bored out of their mind because there are no new episodes of anything on so they're sitting and rotting their brains watching this shit! Aaaaaaaaah! I hate it! Like really? There are so many good booiks out there. If you're that bored and desperate, go fucking read. This show is a waste of brain cells, though clearly it's done something right, considering it got a reaction out of me. Whatever. Fucking show. I'm tired. Going to go to bed.


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