Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thought Bonnanza Chapter3: Wherein Barb babbles about things and stuff

It's been a good couple of weeks. Let's start from where I left off on that Saturday. That was the first weekend I've had with Mom in a very very long time where we went virtually the whole weekend without a fight. We went to the cottage and raked up the whole yard, went to Wall Mart and bought me some badly needed new clothes. So much for me boycotting Wallmart. Oh well, the bras are cheep and comfortable. Always important when dealing with those fun under garments. We then ate Chinese food in this cute little old diner, went home and listened to Randi's vinyl tap. Have I mentioned how much I love that man? If not, let me just say, I love that man. The next morning we went for a run, the first since I had twisted my ankle the previous Thursday during O and M. Now we're down to one minute runs, but only two minute walks in between. That's harder than it was before. So that was an awesome weekend.

Last Tuesday I got my hair cut again and was told I should go check out this French employment resource centre, considering the job at Xanadu is really not getting me anywhere since I have zero students. No students = no money except for $10 here and there for a staff meeting. So the people at the French employment resource centre were really excited about the fact that my French was so good, and they said they were fairly certain they could find me a job given my proficiency in both languages. The counsellor made it very clear that she thought I should go into a profession teaching music, which is what everyone but Mother and grandparents think. They want me to make lots of money, which I understand, but it's hard when I'm not overly passionate about much other than music. Anyway, I'm pretty convinced that that's what I'm doing, and on a side note I received my letter from Queen's saying I have to send along transcripts. I hope they will accept me, I'd really like to go back to school next year. I hate to say it but I really miss school.

Meg and I went and saw Iron Man on Wednesday. And holy hell it was awesome!!!!! Marvel has put out some good ones, but this one was by far the best. On another side note why the hell is it that every time I navigate out of this blogger window and come back to it Jaws turns forms mode off? That's fucking annoying and I'd apprecitae it if that would stop.

So I took Carin's advice and when we were at WallMart bought Rosamae a Kong Wubba. Yep, it's official, this dog loves the thing. She just loves to run around with it in her mouth and squeak it to death. If you squeeze it just so, it sounds like you're torturing a mouse. This provides Megan with hours of entertainment. You know what they say about small things amusing small minds, but I'm not gonna lie I think it's funny too.

I went to the cottage this past weekend so Mom, Grandma and I could all celebrate Mother's day together; that and I haven't seen the grandparents since Easter. It was great, and I now have a crap load of new music to listen to. Dad downloaded the 500 best singles as voted by Rolling Stone. Three full mp3 cds worth, and I'm only through one of them. I made sure that I didn't skip any of the songs. There is some cool stuff on there. A bunch of it is super old and I've only heard it on Randi's show, or sometimes not at all. This is great!
I think that's all for now. Rosamae is curled up in her bed snoring like a band saw, and methinks I should follow suit.

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