Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stones and Things

Tiff, you'll appreciate this. I went out a bought a quartz crystal the other day, and I wanted to look up what it signified, because they told me in the store but I wanted to have it written down. When I did this, I found a bunch of other stones I have too.

Helps one to remain grounded and to sort out the priorities that one chooses to face. Focuses energy and emotions to facilitate balance between physical,
emotional and mental bodies.
Physical: Strengthens the organs that cleanse the blood, i.e. the liver, lungs, etc… Helps to dispel heat in the body often used to bring down fevers.
Emotional: Strengthens the etheric body, dissolves negativity and opens one to universal love while staying connected to the physical.
I have a hematite ring, also known as black silver, on my right ring finger. My cousin brought it back for me while she was in the Dominican.

Alleviates emotional imbalances. Enhances personal integrity and smoothes the peaks and valleys of emotional expression.
Physical: Strengthens the adrenals and pancreas thereby increasing the production of insulin. Relieves conditions of bloating and eases the fluctuation
of insulin levels in the body.
Emotional: Brings truth to situations of the heart, inhibits behavior that is not conducive to the advancement spiritually and emotionally of the individual. I am wearing pearl earrings, given to me at Christmas time.

Amplifies energies and thought patterns, quartz assists one in increasing the force of thought for sending and receiving energy, information or vibrations.
It is the only stone of the mineral kingdom that can be programmed to carry a vibration other than that which it was naturally given.
Physical: Strong positive influence on the digestive system and the bodies ability to heal itself. Has been used successfully to treat vertigo.
Emotional: Opens and activates the
pituitary chakra (throat)
and assists one in being better able to experience visions. I'm not sure what they mean by visions, haven't seen any visions that I know of, but I love my quartz crystal.

Allows one to be more receptive to the good in life. Usually chosen by those in service in life, silver is reflective and moon oriented in its energy.
Physical: Helps the body to eliminate toxins, helps to stabilize vision by assisting the body in the assimilation of vitamins A&E. It assists the body
in absorbing helpful trace minerals from stones that it is used with.
Emotional: This metal assists one in showing a more reserved cultured response to one’s surroundings. It enhances one’s ability to articulate information
concisely and clearly with a smoothness that is readily acceptable in all situations. OK, the part about being more receptive to the good things in life, I don't agree. I've worn silver all my life, and I have trouble staying positive. But the rest sounds plausible.


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