Monday, May 09, 2005

Bored and Whiny

I don't have much to say. We finally sold our house because with Mom we're moving, and down sizing. Not happy about that but anyways we have to be out by the long weekend because some RMC (Royal Military College) cadette is moving in. Good luck Chicky. You'll love that house. I know I did. Mom even made this incredible garden out of our backyard where she remo0ed the lawn and put gravel. There was a glider swing and all sorts of cools things. It was gorgeous and I sat out there as much as I could last summer. THe hornetys were annoying but there you go. So now we're moving to this new place that's being built for us and it's right overlooking a cliff. So if I fall and die next fall you'll know why. No, I actually think we're going to do something about that cliff but anyways.

And I'm pretty certain that I'm gonig to the University of Ottawa next fall, so that will be exciting for sure! Living in Res will be awesome. And my friend's off to get her puppy today. I hope you'll be able to read my blog from the school Carin. Hehe. Anyways, two big moves and I don't really want to go anywhere. And trailors are very vicious animals. One ran over my foot yesterday and it hurts. Oh well enough whinin. I'm going to read my French play now so ciao.