Monday, July 31, 2006

Holy Hell it's Hot out Here!

So I know I haven't blogged since, oh two Fridays ago. But that same day that I wrote that last blog post I slammed my baby finger in the trunk door of a car. Yeah, that left a mark. Luckily though, my fingernail isn't black and coming off, so that's a nice thing.

Six days till my birthday chidren. I'm so excited! I get to go to the beach with my two new awesome awesome friend Robin and Sarah, and that will rock. The three of us went on a jolly little adventure on Thursday. They came and picked me up in Robin's little car. We drove to a place near the lake where we sat and played with a random dog for awhile. And then Robin decided he wanted to go sit elsewhere, so we drove some more until we came to a park by the shore. We played on the swings and listened to the waves. It was sooo much fun. It was this kind of peaceful easy feeling ya know, where everything just fits perfectly, and feels so nice. Then we wanted to see if anyone would be playing the huge pipe organ at St. James cathedral. No one was, but it's really creepy to walk around in a church that is completely empty. And if I was hot and splashed holy water on my face, does that mean I'm going to Hell? I wonder...

We went and got burgers at Harvey's... man that's an excellent burger establishment. Gotta love the hot peppers man. SAnd then we got ice cream and went back to the apartment where we hung out for awhile and they then took me to Mom's, where we sat around and drank ice tea and chatted. So it'll be fun to spend my b-day with them.

Other reasons why August fucking rocks!

  • I get to go see my good buds in Toronto on the 10th! I'll finally see Wanda in a play! That's awesome!
  • On the 19th, Armagideon Time moves to Ottawa!! Yay for going back to school Dude!! So excited about that!!
  • I move back to Ottawa around the same time
  • Next week is the world's shortest work week, considering Monday is a holiday, and I leave Thursday for the T dot!!!
  • And finally
  • I'm going out tomorrow with Bri and the KC blind people crew tomorrow. Yay fun!! Yay crazy rockin' birthday week!

So until next time, this is me saying "I predict a riot!!

Music: Kill Hannah - Future 1

Friday, July 21, 2006

Feeling Better?

I'm gonna say yes. As much as I have bitched and wined about how much I hate being here over the last few weeks, I am finally coming to realize that Carin was right. Things do happen for a reason. We don't always know what it is, but it's true. I'm working, I don't necessarily like my job, but I'm learning a lot from it, and making a good chunk of money from it. My Dad and I are getting along really well, and he's been really helpful to me, helping me edit stuff or check it for style and stuff. It's nice and air conditioned here. I have a pool when I want one. I've got a couple of friends who are the greatest people in the world for letting me live there half the time, in a manner of speaking. I'm not lonely. Meg and I are generally getting along. We have our little snaps, but what family doesn't? I get to go see my grandparents every once in awhile, and as much as my grandpa's a crazy alcoholic, I know he loves me. And my Grandma, though she may seem annoying at times, is just so full of wisdom. It's like she knows all the answers. I love having discussions with her, and she's so smart and patient and kind. They look after me when I need them. When I was really sick there for awhile, I told them and their exact response was "Well, on Friday when you're finished work, we're coming to get you. You're sick? Well you just need some TLC from your grandparents." How cute and awesome. And they let me bitch and whine when I'm upset, and they're completely non-judgemental. They're great.

And I've got my blog. I mean, ok, i have my blog anywhere, but sometimes it's just fun to write random pointless crap for whoever wants to read it. It's good. And I'll be back in Ottawa soon. I like writing to waste time, or to rant about stuff because sometimes after I write stuff down I can collect my thoughts in a constructive way and not lash out and go postal on someone's ass. Though that might be fun. Maybe I'll try it someday. He he. Just kidding. But seriously.

And guess who turns 20 in 16 days? Moi? REally? I'm an adult soon? Crazy times!! But so wonderful, and awesome. So I'm off to go shopping with my father now. I think this summer won't suck so much after all. Yay for positive attitude!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Helpless helpless helpless...

I talked to a friend of mine today who I haven't really spoken to in about a year. Can you imagine not being able to walk? Not being able to do anything for yourself? No showering on your own, needing help getting to the bathroom, needing help into bed, and needing help getting food at 19? Well, it doesn't seem to bug this girl. She's really strong, and she's getting through, and she's a lot happier now than I've seen her in a long time. And she's coming to Kingston on Sunday?! Yay! I'm so excited to see her. I love her. She's had a lot of hard times, but man, she dealt with them as they came, and she's still really positive about the whole thing, so rock on, dear friend. Rock on! See you soon!

Sarah and Robin, you've ruined me!

Man, these kids are nasty! I get two scars in one day. Yeah, cuz you know, I'm so pure and innocent and would never find something like funny.
1. We went to Sarah's dad's last night, because she's getting a new bed, ok, well she has the new bed now, but you know what I mean. Anyway, her Dad, for whatever reason, felt the need to show us this picture he has of a woman with two, count 'em, two ass holes. Is that possible? Or is that just photoshopped? And how would you know which one to go out of? Like, I can't get my head around it. Sarah's dad's friend said, in response to this question, "Well, I guess she can go number three." Thanks, that's helpful. But seriously, what the huh?! I'm confused, and that bothred me all night last night, and is still bothering me now. I mean, the science of it, does not make sense! Great, I'll get some super blog searches from this post. Woops.
2. Robin to me while exiting Sarah's mom's truck last night: A girl and a guy are about to have sex, and the girl says "Gimme nine inches and make me bleed." So the guy went inside her three times and punched her in the nose.

OK, old, corny, but I'm still grinning. Damn you Robin.

Music: La Bottine Souriante - Porte-clef

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Updates and Downloads

A couple weeks ago I wined about not being able to download music But Tyrone suggested I try Bearshare Now, that's a link to the normal bearshare, and I learned real quick that spyware blows, but if you go to everyone's favourite white stick site you can download the lite ersion, and honestly, it's great. Note to self, when you type Moist into a p2p thing, well, you get interesting results. Don't need to know about hot Asian teens licking moist... yeah... no don't wanna know. Thanks. Anyway, on the whole it's an awesome program. Steve and Carin like it too! Yay for stuff that works and is easy to use. Now back to work.

Someone please Esplain...

OK, so last night, I went to see the movie "Superman returns". Not a bad movie, all things considered. I've never seen Superman in my life, but Meg did a good job explaining stuff to me, so it was cool. So here's what I don't get. Why, after all these years, can normal people not figure out that Clarke is Superman? OK, so Clarke has glasses and Superman does not. But look past the damn glasses! They sound the same when you listen to their voice. They must look the same, sans glasses. Sure Clarke is a mild mannered reporter and Superman saves the world, but why can't people make the connection? And Superman went into space for 5 years and just disappeared without explanation, so did Clarke. Hmmm... is it that hard to see that they are the same? But yet no one ever figures it out! Gaaa! And in the end of the movie, when Superman is in the hospital without his uniform and Lois and her son come see him, they still don't realize! Like, are people that dumb? And don't tell me "Oh it's just a movie, so it works." I! Don't! Care! It doesn't make sense to me! Get a fucking clue!! Man, I don't know why this bugged me so much, but it really did. Roar!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yay yay DJ Breezay!

My friend Bri finally has internet, and she's probably reading my blog. So hello! This is my blog! That is all.

What happened?

Well for whatever reason my other blog won't let me do anything, so there's nothing there, so don't bother reading it. And for another whatever reason, my commenting is not working and I can't figure out why. Wow, isn't this day great? I have been working on making an html report since Friday, and now it's no longer html. It's just a plain documents now because I can't get anything to work. But I worked so hard! Angry and frustrated. And now my blog won't let me comment on the damn thing. What the Christ is going on here?!

Oh boy I hope this works

This is just a test to see if my new profile settings have been changed. I have a blog for work. It's Here I think. If you're going to check it out, that's cool. But don't make any goofy comments that my boss might see and go "This is very unprofessional." Yeah, so I hope this works. I may become Barbie after this work is done, I may not. We shall see. Barb M makes me sound all official sorta kinda. Anyway, here's hoping this works.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stop Everything!! Kill Hannah!!

OK so I know that Caitlin has said this before, but I'm gonna go there again. Kill Hannah is great!! I've been listening to some of their music that I have on this computer while I'm working, and even though the guy can't sing worth crap, sorry but it's true, they're still fun. And if you're ever bored, and even if you never listen to them, you've gotta check out Kill Hannah's tour blog Matt has four entries up there for now, and honestly, every time I read them I think I'm going to pee my pants. It's fun to read about their goings on, just because they're so ridiculously funny. Gotta get back to work now.
Music: Barenaked Ladies - Yoko Ono

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


To whom it may concern,

The more you speak to me, the less I want to speak to you. You say and do things that make my face turn a flaming angry red and make my blood boil. You pretend to be people's friend, and then after they have given you what you require, you leave them for dead and stop caring. What happened to you that made you, in my mind anyway, the embodiment of everything evil?

You say things about people that you supposedly are fond of, yet if those people heard those things, do you honestly think those people would be flattered to hear them? And what makes you so much better than everyone else? What makes you the Queen of the world? You are but a human, like the rest of us. You are no better, you are no worse, you are the same, in most respects anyway.

And another question, why, after committing the ultimate betrayal, do you still think you can be friends with the person whom you betrayed? You are a selfish individual. You care about no one but number one. You expect help, yet you treat people the way you do. Good luck on your own. No one should help you, not the way you act, not judging by the things you say. You can't be trusted.

And of course people care about you, but you make it harder for us to show it every day. You've done a great job making yourself lonely. Have fun with that.

Music: Sarah McLachlan - Terms of Endearment