Saturday, January 16, 2010

Its music quizzie time!

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.Try not to repeat a song title.Artist: Ben Folds

Are you male or female: Bitches ain’t shit!
Describe yourself: Late
How do you feel about yourself: Rockin’ the suburbs
Describe where you currently live: Side of the road
If you could go anywhere you would go to: Kalamazoo
Your favorite form of transportation: golden slumbers
best friends are:Jane, Kate
What’s the weather like:Not the same
Favorite time of day: In between Days
If your life were a TV show, what would it be called:Satan is my Master
What is life to you: One down
What is the best advice you have to give: Rent a Cop
If you could change your name, what would it be:Gracey
Your favorite food is:Prison food
Thought for the Day: Get your hands off of my woman
would like to die by:Champaign Supernova
My soul's present condition: Sentimental guy
My motto:For those of y’all who wear Fanny Packs…
Your favorite color is:Air

I don’t think Ben Folds has any colour song titles… if he does I don’t have them. Well that was fun wasn’t it? Thanks Emily for the fun quizzie thing.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

How's Life At The Harbor?

Ug. Blogger can suck it. I don't want wysiwyg. Put it where I don't see it! There! Good! WhatI wanna see is a plain text editor!

Ok, rant over. This is Carin, your resident blog-disfigurer. I waited for help in removing the HaloScan code, and got none. I posted to the blogger forum, and got nowhere. I tried one more time to remove the code myself, and I butchered the blog again. So I said, "Barb, you need a new template. If you get a new template, the HaloScan code can go bye-bye." And that's why it looks like this. I picked "harbor" because I thought it sounded pretty. Perhaps I am wrong.

But, she has blogger comments now, and I think her tracker is working. I'll check in about an hour and see if it found my google search for her blog. Then I'll know for sure. And now anyone who comments, she will have to moderate you. That's what happens when Blogger comments doesn't have a spam filter, jackasses.

Also, there seems to be no subscribe by email feature in this old comments style. If she wants it, I will go in again, and disfigure her blog anew. Wooo! Look at me, breakin' stuff for fun!

So hopefully this does the job, and I don't have to come in here and yatter in your ears again.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Posting from my new/not so new email...

Well, Carin I love you. I really, really love you. She's fixing my blog! She's fixing it! I'm rambling! It's fun! I've invited myself to contribute to my own blog, and what do you know? I thought that would be great, so here I am. Hi! Its me! This is the dumbest blog post in the history of dumb blog posts, but I don't care! Carin's fixing my blog! And a hap hap happy new year!

Fasten Your Seatbelts, It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

Hi. It's not Barb, it's Carin the code monkey. I am attempting to modify her haloscan comments, since Haloscan is threatening to die and become something you have to pay for. I am attempting to turn blogger comments back on. I have already tried, failed, tried, failed and tried again. Since that was a fail, I have put the haloscan code back in until I can speak to the overlords at Haloscan and find out precisely how to remove it.

So...if you have any comments, I would say email Barb, because the commenting system could puke on itself at any time.

Ok, I'm outa here, oo ee aa aa. Code Monkey read up on how to change comments.