Saturday, December 25, 2004

I don't know what I jsut did, but let's try these dumb links again

Okay that was dumb. I think I'm loosing my mind. Anyways, let's try these lil linkies again.
So I don't know how this will work and I appologize for the screw ups.

I don't know what I jsut did, but let's try these dumb links again. Forgive me, I'm still learning.

Five Golden Tukes!

Merry Christmas. I was going to write my bitchy ranting post about my week but it's Christmas. Nothing wrong here. I whooped everyone in my family at a little game we call "Mad Gab" where there are words and you have to make sensible sayings out of them, e.g. William Harry mhe = will you marry me etc. So that was fun. hen we had our traditional sing around the Christmas tree. Oh Christmas tree sounds a hell of a lot funnier when it's in a minor key but anyways... I drank some eggnog which I haven't had in years and then I went to sleep. I woke up at two this morning, looked on my door and couldn't find my stocking. I freaked out and I accidentally heard Santa Claus when he came and put stuff in my stocking. That wasn't supposed to happen. But I'm awake and ready to party now! Ya! I woke up my brother, who is usually the one to wake me up but not this year. He was not happy so I told him that he did it to me every other year so he was fine after that. He's a cool kid. I got a twenty-four pack of bateries! Yes's's's's!!! So I hope everyone else is having a safe and merry Christmas. Don't drink and drive. It'll kill ya. I wonder if the same thing goes for using a guide dog...?

Ooo and before I forget,

is my step sister Caitlin's blog. She is a music journalist for Chart Magazine and she's interviewed big names such as Thornley and the Tea Party, who has been one of her heros since she was about fourteenish. So give her new blog a read, you might find something interesting. Also
is here too. Interesting and amazing Adam. So let's hope these linkies worked. Okay I'm going for real this time! Only five more days till I get to see my Carin and Steve and Elaine and Anton and Tim! Yes's's's's! Excited!!! Anyways, can I leave yet? No propane tanks for our propane fireplace. ANyways, yeah. This was a sad week for Propane.

Do you love how my paragraphing makes no sense and runs on forever? I do. I don't know if this will be considered a long post but here she be! And if you want the best Christmas album of 04, better listen to the new Barenaked Ladies Christmas album. Do not, on the other hand, listen to the Crash Test dummies Christmas unless you're asking to die for Christmas. It's creepy/weird/what the hell were these boys on? And who knew there was a chick in Crash Test Dummies? Oh wait, I did.

So... what else can I say since it's five fourty-three only and I'm rearin' to open some presents for which I have to wait at least two hours? I'm going nuts. All I want is a new Panasonic diskman for Christmas, or maybe a new kitty. We lost Mr. Grey awhile ago. I heard one of Cait's favourite bands yesterday, The liberteens. They're funny. And listen to Interpole, they're a great American group and I think they're gonna make it huge some day. I hope so. Oh, Cammy's listening to Chemicals Between Us by Bush. Kick ass musac!!! I liked Bush, they were a good band. I wonder if George W made a band what would he call it? And would he write a song about "The Nucular weapons between us" or something retarded like that? I don't even know.

So now that this is quite possibly my longest post that probably no one will read, I like mint chocolate! It's good stuff! You can make an alcoholic drink with mint and chocolate. Hot chocolate and Peppermint Schnappes. Oh man, I had some of that when I was in Calgary and boy was it ever god. It was like drinking a hot peppermint paddy. It just warms you right up. Okay, now I really have to go because my bladder has been yelling at me since the first time I get up. Do I use the word anyways a lot in this post? i will take the time and count sometime. So yeah. This is it! Merry Christas... I mean Christmas. I wonder what he's listening to now...? By the way, if this posts twice, I don't know why it did. But I think it's already published at least partly but it said something about an html error.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Pregnant? Yuck

Well, I found out the other day, after calling an old friend of mine that her baby is due on January 28. I had heard rumors that Meaghan was pregnant, but I never knew if they were completely true, although it didn't surprise me and yeah, it's completely true. She's having a baby boy with her boyfriend of about two years, Andrew who was in the same drama program with us. She's been taking classes about parenting all year I guess and prenatal stuff. Anyways, I called her up the other day after a long absence and I asked her if we could start talking on MSN again. She said that would be fine. So I was chatting with her last night and all she could say was "The Theatre Complete chapter of my life is closed. I don't talk to anyone from then except Andrew." So what? Am I bugging her? I said if she were busy I'd leave her alone and her response was "Well I'm always busy getting read yto be a mom." I told her before this that I would love to see the baby. "Well no one is going to come near my son. I'm breast feeding." So? Your point? I'm saddened by this and I don't know if I pissed her off some how, even if I dide I don't know what the hell I did anyways... but yeah. So that's been my week. And my hold Lord it's cold outside.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Stupid Health Services!

Okay, here's been the run down of my friggen week. My plane was a half hour late Sunday night because of visibility problems and I felt queezy all day. So yeah, bleh to that. Well Sunday night I got really sick. I was up every single hour, it was awful. So I was stuck in student health services for the whole day and they made me go home again! Jerks made me go home, again! So I hopped on a train and my cell phone died, but this really nice Mexican boy named Julio Lopez lent me his cell phone, which is the exact same phone that I have. So we got off the train in Toronto and the guy got me off the train and said "Are you Joan Aiker?" I'm thinking "Some other poor blind person's getting screwed now. So ha ha ha, I hope she got off the train safely. So we looked around for a few minutes, found my Daddy and then got very very lost trying to find the way out. We got out and went to Wendies where I ate a frosty, the first thing I could actually eat, but yeah. I went to bed when I got home and the next day I couldn't listen to the Bob and Tom show because the reception died. So so sad. So I've been getting progressively better all week, but the reason I was mad was I let Mr. Boyde and Mr. Rondeau down. I had a bunch of solos that I couldn't sing. I hate you, body! You whore!

But at the same time I think this was a sign. My friends from my old school were supposed to go out for lunch last Friday and I wanted to join them, but I couldn't because of the wakes. Well, it turns out they didn't end up going and they're now going tomorrow! Yes! Chinese buffet Baby! So I'm there! It'll be good! Anyways, I'll be back laters with more, maybe. Bye bye bye bye!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Smoke on the Water

For the past two days I've been going to Aunt Dawn's house between wakes. See we had a wake from two till four and then another one from seven till nine where there was a big line and everyone ran through the line and gave us their sympathies or condolances or whatever. One, I'm not the biggest fan of cr3owds but I understand why we had to do this. That's fine and good but then two, I get really freaked out when certain people basically pull you towards them and talk right in your ear. People, do we know what a tooth brush is? And I don' tlike being that close to people who I don't really know, especially older people who have those raspy voices and ya. Anyways, so I go to Aunt Dawn's house and all those people do is smoke. Yicky much. Everything I have stinks like I've been at a bar or something. Very much disgusting. And I found out yesterday that smoking lowers your intelligence level. I read it in some article. So ha ha ha to you smokers. When we're all sixty I'll be smarter than you. He he he. Anyways, I'm going to sing at the funeral today. I have to sing Smoke on the Water, I mean, no Amazing Grace. Yeah. I'm not singing all seven verses, just three of 'em. This was one of Grandpa's last wishes, so he'll get it. And then we're done done done for good! Although the group of people who came through yesterday afternoon from two till four, tere was something about them that I liked. They were truly comforting to me where as the rest I felt didn't care.

Another bonus of these couple of days is we're all speding time as a family which we never do. My cousins are so interesting and smart and funny and I love them, but we only ever see each other once a year. I think this has taught us a good lesson; we need to stick together. That's what family is for. Even my mom came on Thursday night. I guess she and Grandpa had a great relationship, and I'm told that both Mom's and Dad's sides of the family used to all get together for Christmas. That must have been fun, I don't really remember it, though I do remember Suzi and Chris, Dad's sister's kids coming out to our cottage and swimming with us. God that was so long ago.

It's really weird to listen to all of those people come through and tell me how much Grandpa talked about me. "You were the apple of his eye" they'd tell me. That's nice to know, though I felt really bad for my brother, who was beside me in line who never got to hear any of this. Favouritism sucks, but when you're the favourite it's okay. So I'm going to sing now. I'll talk later!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bored and Extremely Dangerous

I don't know why this is but it seems like every time I type something for this blog in word it likes to post twice. I love Steve for fixing it though. Silly bolg thing. Today is the first of two wakes. Why does anyone need two wakes? I don't understand, but I have to look all nice and propper and talk to a million people who I don't know. No big deal I talk to strangers all the time. That's okay. So I'm just bored waiting for Papa to come back. I got up way too early today and had to eat yucky food. I don't like eating in the morning, unless I can have smores pop tarts. He he he. Or omlets. I love omlets! My brother's mp3 player is so loud that I can hear it when he's upstairs and I'm down here with headphones on. He's already got tihrty percent hearing loss, does he really want to lose more? Hello? Oh well, it's ihs own hearing. So that's my post.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I was a Strong Puppy

D Well the past few days have been quite interesting. I was sitting in French class yesterday and Mrs. Wood comes running into class and grabs me. “You have a phone call, when tells me. Now, I’m thinking why someone would call me in the middle of school unless there was some sort of emergency. “Who’s dead?” I’m asking frantically, she has no idea. I walk into Mr. Neale’s office and take the phone. “Hey Barb,” says my dad. “You’re grandfather’s… not… well.” I knew this already, since he had told me on Sunday, and I remember quite clearly asking if it was fatal and he said no. So I’m starting to get worried as I hear his voice break. “What’s wrong with him?” “He’s gotten worse. You need to come home.” So I ge3t on a Grey Hound bus at twelve from Brantford to Toronto. No I lied twelve thirty. Doesn’t matter. Anyways, I’m on this bus and it’s totally raining like mad out there. So I drive and sleep and drive and sleep, then I get to Toronto where I sit in customer service for an hour to wait for my connection to Kingston. By the way, if you’re ever taking a bus out of Toronto Customer Service rocks. I love those guys. Someone even found me a Braille magazine to read while I was waiting. Oo, Science Journal Weekly. Exciting. So I actually did my English homework while I waited cuz I was that bored. I then got on the bus to Kingston, talked to Steve and Carin for God knows how long, talked to Tommy Decker. I felt a lot better after hea4ring his voice. “Be a strong puppy” he told me, which was really cute, even though he’s how much older than me? It doesn’t matter.

N So I got to Kingston and was immediately rushed to Brockville. Dad was a wreck, as was expected. Nothing wrong with that, I was surprised at how calm I was though at that point. I first saw Grandpa’s wife, Brenda, who told me that he was asleep. We all thought, however, that he would wake up, but he never did respond, except for little facial expressions and he’d squeeze my hand sometimes when I asked him to. So I guess he heard everything I said and I even sang to him. I sat with him until the very end. The nurse had to have h8im hooked up to an I V and she opened another port in his leg where she would inject some decongestant medication. Well that went over well, considering he was breathing until she gave him the drug. We don’t know if that was just coincidence or what.

So after he was given the drug, which was kind of amusing when she said “Okay Edgar you’re going to feel a little poke now.” I couldn’t help but laugh. His name is Earl, not Edgar dumb fuck. So after he had the medication he would have periods of apnea, which is when you can’t breathe for awhile. Everyone kept thinking he was dead, except me. I was the only one who heard him when he would start to breathe again. So, this happened for about a half hour and then he just lost his pulse. It was very hard for me to watch everyone cry so much, but I also decided I had to be the strong one who helped everyone else, so I didn’t cry, in fact, as sick as this sounds, I was kind of happy when he finally passed because it meant that he was at peace finally. Unlike everyone 3else who I know whose died, I still hear Grandpa’s voice in my head, even though he didn’t speak to me last night. But I can hear him. I am very happy about that.

I gotta say, my friend Adam is awesome. I went around to all my teachers and when I was talking to Mr. Boyde and telling him I wasn’t going to be in choir, I recognized Adam’s drumming in the other room. I went to him and all I needed at that point was someone to hold me. I ran into the room where he was and said “Adam, Grandpa’s dying,” I didn’t have to say anything else. He came to me and it was like we were frozen in time. HJe just held me forever it seemed. I love him for that. He wouldn’t let me go until he was sure I was going to be okay. And I hear that Bryon Elliot’s dad di9ed yesterday too. I wouldn’t call Bryon a friend, but I know the guy from school. That’s all I know is that his dad’s dead. We don’t really know why or what happened, but I feel for him. So I’m home for the week now. I’m going to sing at Grandpa’s funeral whenever that is. And I was a strong puppy just like Tommy told me to be.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Better Off Dead?

Okay, so I've been gone to my Momma's all weekend, but this is okay. We had a ton of fun, collecting Christmas decorations, packing them up, shipping them, along with the new tree, out to the cottage and putting up and decorating the tree in the cottage with the new fire place. So this was great. Decorating is my favourite part of Christmas. I am, however, a little bit worried. Here's why. I have some sort of depression shit going on, I'm not really sure what it is yet. We're trying to figure it out. Now, there's this guy (I like who seems to have a very similar pooblem, and he emailed me the other day saying that he was thinking a lot about death again. So I emailed him back and said to him that I didn't want him hurting himself and that I couldn't wait to see him soon and how much he made me smile all the time. BVut I think this may have been a little hipocritical (or however you spell it) and I'm super worried about him. So that's my rant for the day.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I watched the movie Elf with Will Farrel (or however you spell his name) and I know it was a farely happy movie, but I cried my eyes out. I'm so cheesey sometimes I can't believe it. He he he anyways, that was basically my weekend, oh, and Shreck 2, everyone should watch it. Holy funniest movie I've seen in a long time, and at the end there's this "Far Far Away Idle" where everyone sings and you can go to
the shreck idle page to vote. I really hope this link worked. I haven't tried doing links in a good long time, so please may this thing work! Okay so peace, love and no bin killin'.

Friday, December 03, 2004

This is a test

I want to try something. Wow, I can read forms mode here. Oh my Goodness! So I want to see if these links actually work. I went to Score camp last summer and learned some basic HTML, so you get to be privy to me seeing if I remember how to do this.

Cool Blogs Steve, Carin and if he ever comes bacdk, Matt's blog"> Timmy's blog! So that might be a bunch of muddled crap, but hey who knows.

The Writing's On the Wall

I'm bored. It's a Friday morning, people are just pissing me off for no reason and I'm bored. Next week we have to have the family talk about where I'm planning on going to University. Oh won't that be fun? Not really. Grrr. Everyone tells me that I should do what I want, but it's kinda hard when your parents threaten to pretty much disown you for what you want to do. It's my life, leave me alone. It's very frustrating, but that is okay. I'm tired and I have a whole period to waste, actually two, I'm supposed to be doing English but I can't think of any sort of review to write, so I'm going to wait until I'm inspired to do something. Friday mornings are always boring. He he he but I'll be home to Mamma soon, and hopefully someone's phone will start working again.
Oh and another thing, I have this friend who emails me and he normally writes about fifty words. He never says much, but he emailed me last night with one hundred and sixty-three "impropper or questionable" words. This means I can't access it from school, our web filter won't allow it, so I'd really like to know what it said. *Smiles* So have a nice day.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

I am Here

Hey!! My name is Barbara MacDougall. I am eighteen years old and I live in Kingstonof the Ontario! Woohoo, I finally have a blog up and working! Yey woo rock to that! So this is my first time posting. Sorry that my spelling might suck, I don't have a working forms mode, so Jaws, my speech software is not reading what I write adn I can't read my mistakes, so next time we're going to play the copy and paste game! Yey for the copy and paste game! So I'm copying Steve, Carin, and Tim cuz I now have a blog, but hey. It's good fun. Rock to this!