Wednesday, August 01, 2007


One ofm y favourite people in my class gave me an e-mail address, but it doesn't seem to be working, which is really sad because I cared a lot about this person. I miss him a lot, and we had so many good times together, whether we were playing guitar together or just sitting at breakfast talking about surfing, or skiing, or relationships, or God knows what else. I wish I knew what I could do to find him, and I've tried a million combinations of his, and I've got two people who claim they're not him, and then no response anywhere else. I really hope he and his yellow lab are doing awesome, and that his trip down south will go smoothly, and that he finds a girl maybe someday. Trust me, that dog will attract him a lot of women. I know it. :) He did a lot of good things for me, and he helped me change my outlook on some things that needed an outlook change. And I love how southern he is. IT makes me grin with delight. Every time I listen to Sublime I think of the first day I met him, and we just both picked up guitars and started singing. It was awesome! I miss him a lot, and hope one of us will find each other at some point.